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You know, it’s been quite a long time since we last posted here. No good reason except life got in the way.

Getting back to the swing of things means that we’ve taken our printed book, “Getting God’s Army Out of Debt”, and published it to Amazon for the Kindle. We’ll have the actual link to it shortly, and will publish it then.
In the meantime, remember to Honor God with Your Life.
John L


Sometimes it takes a few hits to your backside to get your attention. It did mine, that’s for sure.

The Setting

The other month, I signed up for a credit card from somebody – for the purpose of saving 15% or getting Free Shipping or some other some-such benefit. Gotta save where you can, right? Seems like the charge was $10 bucks or so.

The bill arrived in due time, and I put it in my Bill Place. (Keeping your bills all in one place sure makes the bill-paying process so much easier.) Somehow, that month, I got a bit pre-occupied, and didn’t sit down with my bills on schedule, and let it slip a week or so – probably more on the “or so” side…

The Hit

To my dismay, the Due Date for the new card was a few days earlier than my Bill-paying session… Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I sent the check anyway.

The next month – you knew this was coming – I got a new bill that included a $39 Late Fee charge. Thirty-Nine Bucks! And, a $1.50 Minimum Service Charge Fee…

Oh yeah! I’m the Financial Wizard, I am…

The Lesson

So, the lesson is two-fold.

1. Don’t sign up for credit cards just to “earn” some sort of Reward.

2. Pay Your Bills On Time.


If you have and use a credit card, it seems reasonable that there should be some Rewards for using it – right? I mean points to use for travel or gifts, cash back, lower interest rate on other accounts with the same outfit.. Things like that.

That way, whenever you use the card, you are being a Good Steward and getting double-duty from it.

The trouble is that these rewards will become a primary decision point between using the card or cash. They will also tend to cause you to spend a bit more on something than you should. “It isn’t on sale – BUT! I’m getting points…!”

Ignore the points when you go to use your cards. Think, “Can I pay for this?”

Paying Bills On Time

The major lesson is that paying bills late costs plenty. Well, you already know that, I’m sure. But how to get out of the whirlpool of increasing debt – THAT’s the question…

Obviously, paying your bills on time will eliminate those horrendous Late Fees. So, paying bills with a system makes it easier to avoid these fees.

The Envelope System

One of the ways to pay on time is to handle the bill once. Open it when it arrives. Write the check for whatever payment you have planned for that account. Put it in the envelope, stamp it, and put the “Mail Date” in a corner of the envelope. File the envelope in a convenient place. Enter the amounts in your budget tracker.

Every day, look at your bills and put the envelopes due that day in the mail… Done.

Two troubles with this method. First, You are constantly reviewing your bills. I guess this is actually a benefit early in getting control. But, it can be stressful.

Second, you really don’t have as much control of your finances as you think. You can’t take the time to review your budget and progress every day that a bill arrives. You might have something else planned, so you put off handling the bill – Ooops. Late again…

The Pay When Paid System

I preferred this system when I was working. I got paid twice a month with one company, and every 2 weeks with another. I made it my habit to sit down with the bills a couple of days after payday and paid upcoming bills.

The advantage here is that I’m only dealing with my finances a couple times a month. I can concentrate on the task at hand. It is a planned activity. I can also get all my due bills off at once.

Who cares if they have my money for a few days longer than they could? The benefit to me would be fractions of pennies, while the benefit of having it gone is that it is PAID on time.

The Automatic Payment System

I’m finally a convert to online banking. It took me plenty of time to get used to it. But, now it is the best thing since MP3 Players…

On all my credit cards, I have arranged the monthly bill to be paid in full and on time. This takes that bill out of my hands – sure, If I need to, however, I can modify how they handle This month as my finances dictate. So, though it is an automatic withdrawal from my bank account, I am still in charge.

And, I avoid those stupid Late Fees.


Late Fees cost Americans Billions. These Billions go to the banks and financial institutions – as they should. However, by avoiding them, Consumers can better choose to spend those dollars in ways that benefit the family, not the banks.

Pay On Time…